Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Blind Side & First Impressions

Tim and I watched The Blind Side last night. It was wonderful, an inspirational make you feel good movie especially knowing it was a true story.  I knew I would love it just from watching the previews, I also knew one thing for sure.... it was going to make me cry.
We arrived at the theater a good 45 minutes early to get a good seat. We were on the back row right in the middle (perfect spot) when the theater manager comes in to make an announcement that the show had already sold out. He asked for everyone on the ends to move inward so people wouldn't have to climb over.
I looked to my right after this announcement and thought great (sarcastically) there were 6 teenagers (3 boys, 3 girls who looked to be 16 or so) who had been giggling, talking etc...not overly loud but just being typical teenagers. The group gets up and moves to sit beside me. The boy who sits next to me (we'll call him Brian just because he looked like a Brian to me and that's better than theater boy :-) "Brian" says I promise we won't talk during the movie we're not like most teenagers while grinning from ear to ear and his friends laughing. It is about this time that I started to worry that my hopes of enjoying the movie were gone due to this group of seemingly silly teens.
So the movie starts and it wasn't long before sure enough I feel the tears start to roll. Now I don't care what these teenagers think of me but I didn't want them ruining the movie by making snide comments about my crying when guess what I hear....  sniffling to my right.  It's "Brian" with tears streaming down his face and he's not even trying to hide it.  Awww that was really heartwarming :-) I teared up twice more and Brian was wiping tears right along with me. I just wanted to hug that tender hearted young man. So I am now reminded that not all first impressions are what they seem, what I first thought would ruin the movie for me actually made it better :-)

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