Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Final score Spanx-1 Me-0

After having 2 kids and a c-section I am blessed with a wonderful (insert sarcasm) belly. I have been all different sizes in my life but I have never had this "lovely" belly until after my 2 pregnancies. It won't go away with exercise, weight loss, nothing! I know after being blessed with 2 beautiful healthy children it's a SMALL price to pay but being a woman it still bothers me.
This brings me to my latest adventure, I was dressing the other morning and just didn't like the way I looked in my skirt. I'm tearing through my dresser hunting hose which I hope may help when I run across a little deceiver called Spanx.

The Deceiver!
 My wonderful mother gave these to me years ago. She lives under the rule one for her-one for me although she has never needed one! Anyway I have never worn them but thought why not? I looked at it and it didn't look like much; it was soft & stretchy.  I didn't think it would hold anything in place. Oh how looks can be deceiving! Ten minutes later after I have rolled around on my floor like a fat contortionist I have this little jewel on. I looked like this...

It was not worth it, off they went and I felt like I should break into a chorus of "Born to be free" :-) I was traumatized! I thought, I know they sell millions of these and some women live in them; what is wrong with me? I didn't have the package and there was just a letter as sizing,  a letter A. I checked the internet to see that size A maximum weight range for my height is 120 lbs! OH MY GOSH no wonder I felt like a human sausage link!!

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  1. You crack me up! I'd hate to see me try a size A; however, get your size and it will be the LOVE of your life! I wear one almost daily during Fall/Winter. You will too once you see how awesome it can be! Now here is my question...if you are a size A, do you really need a Spanx? Doubt it! I think I got my blog fixed so you can comment...give it a try!