Saturday, December 19, 2009


My last 2 posts have been serious so I thought it was time for a lighter one....I have a confession my name is Kelly & I love faux fur! I don't believe in reincarnation but if I did I think I was a member of the animal kingdom in a previous life. Faux fur is so "in" this year you see it everywhere but I liked it when it wasn't cool. I have I'm guessing 15 or so vests and coats with some type fur on them. My collection started years ago and I can't seem to part with any of them. I seriously think I might need a fur intervention :-)
So after saying all of that it only comes naturally that while shopping last week guess what caught my eye; a faux fur coat. Number one it was fur but more importantly it was 50 percent off! Two of my favorite things- fur and a sale!! Now this was not just any type fur it was shaggy and different, my favorite type. I don't care for the kind that looks like it should be insured I like them different and slightly funky. I mean I own a pink and lime green fur vest for heavens sake! Well this coat was definitely different & seemed to be calling my name so I just had to try it on.
 I'm looking in the mirror preening from side to side- you know the pose-one foot in front of the other with the model stance :) and what do I hear??? An overly loud sales clerk telling another customer "Boy that looks like a dead rabbit!" Now you think this would deter me-right? Nope not me, I now am the happy (I think) owner of a coat that looks like the descendant of Sasquatch and I'm debating if I should wear safety orange when I wear it :-)

So dear friends if you see me shopping and I'm near fur of any kind just  take me by the hand and say   "STEP AWAY FROM THE FUR!!"

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