Friday, August 31, 2012

Dance Friends & Family

The new dance season starts next week so thought I had better finish up recital pics-will I ever catch up?

These are pictures from dance rehearsal mostly and a few from dance night. I've done it a little differently this year and broke it up into snapshots of just dance friends and the next post will be actual dance shots.

Rehearsal night pics with Anna, Gracie, Mady & Ava

I also had a to get a pic of the 5th grade costumes I thought they were great!

Dance Night

Hallie's first dance this year was seasonal and Hallie was a tree for Fall. Usually our first dance is ballet so I did miss getting pictures of her dolled up in her dress.

Hallie & Gracie

Hallie with sweet Emma

Ella Bella

Cutie pie sisters Leah & Gladys

Hallie & doll Mia tired after a night's performance

After the final curtain call with Angel...

....with Anna

....and our teacher this year sweet Mrs. Donna

Finally our yearly pic with Mrs Vicki

And the collage from the beginning my little Hallie Bug is growing up (too fast) sniff, sniff

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 iPhone pics

I don't like to take my "big" camera all the time instead I capture moments with my iPhone and even though the quality is terrible I need to catch up.

I love this pic of H & H it actually shows them having fun instead of trying to kill each other!

Every time I start my car after Tim has drove it-it is on the station 89.7 which is southern gospel and I have to admit I changed it every time until recently. I cranked up one morning and Victory in Jesus was playing (one of my favorite old hymns) and I was fired up and singing along by the time I got to work. Now I start every day with this station!

Yes, we have another new member of the family a turtle named Petey. Just call us animal kingdom.

Hunter had to have an echo cardiogram due to some blood pressure problems and even though we haven't got the results back yet we're confident that everything is ok. We have had several prayer warrior praying!

We got to enjoy a short visit with our old friends and ex-neighbors a few weeks ago. Here are Hallie and Izzy, oh how we love this girl!

Look at Amy doesn't she look like she stepped out of a JCrew magazine? She is always so stylish! Even though it had been a couple months since we had saw each other we talked 90 to nothing just like always-Love Her! Please back move back here people :-) no seriously!!

Izzy loves manicures and shared a few new techniques with us which included the newspaper manicure so tonight Hallie begged to try it and even though you can't tell by the pics it worked!

Hunter has been begging for Big Chic for weeks so tonight I surprised him with his and Tim's favorite-wings with hot sauce!

That's it for the iPhone catch up for now :-)

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Today was Hunter & Hallie's first day of school. Hallie started 5th grade while Hunter is in the 10th.  I can never get them happy together on first day pictures one is smiling while the other is not! I took several shots of them together and this is as happy as Hunter got!

Hallie even though nervous was more obliging with my pics

I promise we did NOT dress to match Hallie's backpack it was purely coincidental although my friends know how I love to match!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiny Dancers

Thought maybe I should post a few dance pics from MAY!! 
This was my first year as a PC Mom and I had the pleasure of helping with the 3 year old class during recital. Oh my gosh they were precious girls, and Vicki outdone herself on their outfits I don't think I have ever seen them be as cute!

I wanted to get shots of all the girls but some were shyer than others and I certainly didn't want to upset them; dance recital is stressful enough on Mommies besides tears too ;-)

Olivia was one of the girls in my group and she was so sweet and ready to pose.
 I wish I had gotten a shot of their polka dot flower pots each girl "bloomed" from them during their dance-how sweet is that?

Rylen was another cutie in my group and she wasn't too sure about me and pictures but she did let me take a few-isn't she gorgeous!

This next pic tickles me. Don't they look like America's future top models? Khloe the pigtail cutie on the end  was working that runway  ;-)

  Brynnley (middle) wasn't ready for any single shots but she would let me take some as a group doesn't she look like she stepped out of a Coppertone ad-cutie pie!

I was very blessed that night my group of girls were doll babies and initiated me into PC Mom duty gently. I look forward to watching these dolls grow up in dance :-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Our hearts are all singing "Oh Happy Day" because today....