Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible School Day 4

The theme for Thursday was tacky day and it was really fun. The boys and girls carried out the theme with  inside out clothes, mismatched clothes, different color shoes, you name it they tried it.
Here is Hallie as we left with striped knee socks, pink tutu, converse tennis shoes & different color bows
Taylor thought they said to dress wacky tacky and when she arrived and saw no one dressed quite this wacky she still wore it in-good girl Taylor you have nerve :-)
Oh Ben what a mess you are!
Alayna Grace proudly showing me all her jewelry for tacky day
Abbie chose stripes paired with polka dots and different color shoes to show her tacky side
Here's a picture of all the tacky boys and girls :-)
Here is Hallie's class practicing the bible school theme song Sonquest rainforest
Here they are practicing one of their favorite songs "I'm following Jesus"
The craft for this night was my favorite-it was a prayer box. I am a firm believer in prayer and that has carried down to Hallie. She will come to me and ask to pray about anything and everything and I hope she never outgrows that!
Here is Gracie & Hallie working hard
Sometimes a Dad can give the best help of all
Claudia, Hallie & Alayna Grace proudly showing their finished boxes
And to end the night a group hug for Tyler who has the patience of Job with these kids because they jump on him, crawl on him, they treat him like one of their stuffed animals-bless his heart!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bible School Day 3

The theme for day 3 was to wear red, white or blue or all 3!
We started each day with the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag & the Bible. Don't Justin, Cooper, Claudia & Grace look precious doing their duty proudly.
 Here are Sara, Nathan, Cooper & Mia sporting their theme colors
 Alayna Grace, Gracie & Logan
Remember how I said Mrs. Jenna was creative with recreation? Well she outdid herself on day 3 with the popcorn game. The object was to load a cup strapped to your foot with popcorn then walk to a bucket and dump it, trying not to spill any. The team with the most popcorn won!
Here are Gracie & Hallie waiting their turn
Hallie filling her cup
Doing great Claudia!
Careful Logan!
The overall bible school theme this year was Sonquest rain forest so most of the crafts had something to do with the outdoors/wilderness. Tonight's craft was a rain stick which you shook to make rain (we need that to work during these hot days don't we)
Claudia did flowers and love while Hallie & Amy chose rainbow colors for their stick
Bible school wouldn't be bible school without patient helpers like Mrs. Christy  :-)
Hallie says "My Mom took more pictures on day 4 than any other day!!! so stay tuned"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bible School Mia

Mia is one of those precious little girls that if I was still young enough she would make me want another one. As you can see, Tim thinks she is a doll too :-)
During bible school I took almost as many pictures of Mia as I did Hallie. I went in one night while the little ones were in music and Mia really knew the motions. This also happened to be the night they had made fruit loop bracelets and necklaces in craft class. Watch as she is doing her hand motions and just can't help being tempted every time her cereal bracelet goes by her mouth!
Ok we're off to a good start
Mia is eyeing the bracelet and it sure looks tempting
 Just one little lick as it goes by
 .....or maybe just a little bite
 Uh oh....Mimi has spotted me having my snack-better get back to work :-)
 Mia you are such a doll!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School Day Two (part 2)

Angel with the most energetic class at VBS. Abbie is leading the way with hips and lips-boys and girls!
Now a few shots of my favorite time at VBS-music-I love watching these boys and girls sing and dance to praise Jesus
 As much as I enjoy watching Hallie's age sing and dance it is the little ones that steal your heart!
 This is one of my favorite pictures of all that I took, Garrett is so focused
I only have a few pics of what I consider the most important part of VBS-the bible story-I only have a few because I didn't want to be a distraction. Mrs. Toni & Mrs. Teresa took turns with the lesson and did an awesome job Hallie retold the stories to me each night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation Bible School Day Two

This year, bible school days had theme days can you guess what the second day theme was?
Hat Day! 
Rachel & Toni had 2 of the cutest
Gracie, Anna & Eric
Leave it to Ben to be the most original!
Denise & I were leaders of the 3rd and 4th grade girls and on the second day they painted their birdhouses. We had some talented artists in our group
Check out Taylor's you gotta love the polka dots!
I couldn't believe Isabella's bird she did freehand
Hallie's class did bug boxes which thrilled Hallie to be a girlie girl she loves all kinds of creatures
Hallie, Alayna Grace & Claudia
For recreation they played some type game involving bucket heads and sponges??
The object was for one member of your team to wear the bucket while the others rang it with sponges
Logan thought it was hilarious!
Gracie is even precious with a bucket on her head!
Hallie's turn- I love her & Alayna Grace's expressions
Hunter helped with recreation and also filled in when the teams were uneven
Alayna Grace & Hallie waiting for the next game
I love this next shot... Hallie had gotten knocked down during one game and scraped her knee, a few tears were shed and she sat out for a little while. When she got up to go back in Claudia came and took her by the precious
Hallie says "My Mom took so many pictures Day 2 has 2 parts so stay tuned"