Sunday, December 13, 2009

This too shall pass

 As I was looking at past Christmas pictures I ran across these pictures of Hallie and had to laugh. These pictures were taken 3 minutes apart! Hallie went from looking like it was the end of the world to happy in 3 minutes! I thought how wonderful it would be as an adult to forget your troubles in a few minutes. These pictures remind me of the quote "This too shall pass" This is true in so many situations that we may all be going through.  If we could just take a moment and look at problems of the past that we thought were insurmountable and now are just a memory. I am definitely preaching to the choir here because I am often guilty of letting circumstances overwhelm me. I am trying to do better and say to myself  "Just breathe because because this too shall pass"

1 comment:

  1. Girl, with the stress I have had have no IDEA how badly I needed to be reminded of that. Not that any of this is big compared to what so many suffer from each day, but it can get overwhelming and you are correct, this too shall pass! I love you