Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girlie Girls Can Hunt Too

Tim loves to hunt and had hoped Hunter would share that love with him but Hunter has no interest at all in hunting his love lies with sports and video games. But all hope may not be lost with Hallie, I don't know if she shows an interest just because she loves her Dad or if she really likes it. I do wonder what may happen if she actually kills a deer because she is such a animal lover, there may be tears instead of cheers!

Tim took these pictures and they tickled me because it shows Hallie doing all the "tricks" of deer hunting her Dad has taught her and look how serious she is :-)

These pics made her Dad so happy and even though most of the time Hallie is a girlie girl and stays right under me she is still Daddy's girl :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Hunter & Hallie

We always pick out Hallie's clothes the night before school. The other night I asked what she wanted to wear and as usual she said I don't care. I smiled and pulled out one of the girliest things in her closet it has ruffles and ribbons which have become a no-no as Hallie grows older. However to my surprise she said sure I'll wear it-I knew she was buttering me up for something but for the time being I enjoyed the moment!
Just a few shots of Hunter & Hallie before church. This is my favorite winter outfit of Hallie's I love the bright minke chenille and polka dots and Hallie loves it because it is so soft.
Can I just say that I love that side pony tails are back in style for little girls anyway! They are a lifesaver on Sunday mornings when hair has a mind of it's own.
I had to beg Hunter in for a few shots but he had his familiar smirk no matter how much I begged!
I look at other blogs that post pics of their small children each day and I think don't blink because they grow so fast.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know one of my readers (all 2 of them) HA loves Biscuit post so BJ this is for you-just kidding-Love ya!

Biscuit has taken up the bad habit of smoking! It's milk bones instead of cigarettes but he's addicted either way :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a Boy!

We have a new addition to our family. A baby boy hamster Hallie named Bama. She started begging for a hamster months ago and finally wore her Dad down and I eventually caved too-2 against 1 you know.
Here is one happy Hallie as we arrive at the pet store
Headed in to pick our new addition
How much is that hamster in the window.....
We saw several little fellas waiting to go home with someone. I was thankful Hallie didn't pick this one he just looked too much like a rat to me!
When we saw this little guy not just eat out of his food bowl but climb into it we knew we had found the newest member of our family!

He immediately hopped on the exercise wheel but only lasted a second-yep he'll fit right in!
Headed home with Bama 
Welcome to the family Bama

Sunday, January 16, 2011

He Shoots-He Scores!

Hunter's JV county basketball team tournament was this weekend. If you remember a few weeks ago I did a post about him making the team.
We were all very excited but Hunter has been disappointed because he only gets to play a few minutes a game. We told him to not lose heart and make the most of the time he does get to play.
(the above shot was his "attitude" shot I just can't believe how tall he is getting!)
Well this weekend he only got to play 2 minutes but he scored 5 points!! He made a 3 pointer and a 2 point lay up-WAY TO GO HUNTER!!!!!! Needless to say we were on cloud nine but Hunter just took it in stride like no big deal :-)
Can you believe I didn't take any pictures of the tournament game?! I have a knack of not bringing my camera when I should but if it means he'll do that good I'll leave it at home every time :-)
The shots below are warm up shots from a game a few weeks ago
Look at the pure joy on that face!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You just need a laugh. You may have all seen this but I just ran across it. It has one little word that I hope doesn't offend but it was too cute to pass up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Hallie was so excited she laid all of her clothes out before bed last night and asked me not to put them up so she could be ready to play in the snow as soon as she woke up-but that was not to be. We went to bed with dreams of snow and snowmen but woke up to the the reality of ice.
Unfortunately the only playing outside was to break a few icicles off the house
We all did enjoy an extra day at home thanks to the icy roads. However, Biscuit may not have enjoyed it quite as much as us. Hallie treats him as her baby and this is where he spent most of the day.
He must not have hated it too much he had just woke up from a nap in this pic-oh the life!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stranger in the Manger

Happy New Year everyone. It seems I am starting this year as last....behind. I still have a few Christmas post left. This post is pictures from practice and cantata that our Kingdom Kidz performed at our church titled Stranger in the Manger.
This is doll baby Mia before practice
Nathan provided us parents with plenty of giggles during practice concerning Mia's braids. He was fascinated by them-he would pick them up, look at them, swing them to Mia's back and she never lost patience with him she would just pull them back to the front as you see here-it was too cute!!
Group shots of practice, look at Mia with that hand on her hip, I might have been wrong and she had lost patience with him :-)
 In case you can't tell I love little Mia-she did the hand motions to match so precious!
The next shots are of the actual night of the cantata they practiced one last time that day and then the actual performance. I think all of the church was shocked at how loud they were and how they knew the words. Mrs. Lyn had these kids ready!
Sydney & Justin made a wonderful Mary & Joseph
This play had lots of speaking parts and check out kindergartner Abbie not a shy, nervous bone in that little body. Love her!
 Bless Garrett's heart I think he was having flash backs of the Christmas pictures I took of him-every time he sees me with a camera he starts smiling-such a cutie pie!
One of the cutest songs was "Walking Like a Wise Man" featuring Will, Timothy and Jackson here they are indicating wise & walking :-)