Friday, March 16, 2012

Dance Mom-NOT!

Since we're headed to our 2nd dance competition tomorrow, I thought I had better post some pics from our first. And Becky, my friend this is for you :-)

 For competitions you have to do full makeup with false lashes. Becky kept telling me you better buy the lashes. I never dreamed there would be a shortage of false eyelashes! Well, the day OF competition I head to WM and guess what-sold out, every store I check looked like this
   I finally found one pair at the last store which were glitter lashes but they had to do except for every time Hallie blinked the glitter got in her eyes. Oh the Dance Moms would have kicked me to the curb!

Get ready for picture overload!
Hallie's first time dolled up with smokey eyes, red lips and false eyelashes

Several pics with Mady and Lorianna all dolled up too.

 Clowning around because there is a lot of time to kill between dances and awards.

If we could hear what Hallie is saying in this conversation I bet it would be "and then my Mom almost glued my eyes shut trying to put on my lashes!"

Awards Time
They did very good, 1st in their division and 4th overall. Hallie was most excited about the medal,  although she may look older than a 10 year old she still thinks like one ;-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bang, Bang, Bang at SUSCC

Hallie's dance group performed Bang, Bang, Bang at SUSCC it is her age division group's dance for this year. This was their second and last performance for basketball season this year. It's a cute upbeat song and the girls did a great job. Here are a couple of pics from the night.

A quick pic before we left

The first smiling face we saw when we got there was Lorianna!

Then Mady joined the group

Girls being silly :-)
(thanks to Jacko for this first pic)

Hallie with the SUSCC Bison mascot bless his heart it was so hot that night even without the suit!

Shots during the dance I was not very close so the shots are not very good :-(
Kick it Hallie Bug!

We also got to see the High School girls perform I am Woman, I loved it-it is so cute!

Next up will be the Atlanta competition and my first attempt at a smoky eye-but not on me on Hallie.....oh me oh my!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Hallie!

Ten years ago today we were blessed with a 9.2 lb bouncing baby girl. 

This year she didn't wish for a big party just us, a kindle fire and an ice cream cake.

Your first few months of life were a little bumpy (screaming colic) but boy you have made up for it a million times over. What a blessing you are to us. You have such a kind, sweet spirit.

We love you Hallie Bug Happy 10th!