Friday, February 26, 2010

True Friends are Golden

Lately reruns of The Golden Girls have been on almost every night . This makes me happy in a comforting kind of way and it also makes me think of my friend Sherry.
I just love the Golden Girls & one of the reasons I love them so is because they are true friends. They may bicker but when the chips are down they are always there for each other. True friends are rare & priceless!
One of my true friends growing up was a precious girl named Sherry. During school I lucked out that both our names ended in H and every teacher always started the year in alphabetical order. I was blessed to have her sit behind me for as long as I can remember.
Sherry always made the best of every situation. She was always laughing, simply precious and priceless! She could just look at me and we would giggle. We finished each others sentences and thoughts. We shared everything from first kisses, first dates, first loves.
The funny thing was we had nothing in common but somehow we clicked. One of our differences was she loved dogs and had 2 pet Chihuahuas (Honey & Cocoa) and I loathed them! She would laugh hysterically now if she saw Biscuit asleep on my lap each night! It's also funny that our pets were named after food because we both loved to eat!
Heartbreakingly Sherry passed away a few years ago and I think of her often.  She had a rare disease which has a long complicated name but basically means it aged her organs at a rapid rate. She was such an inspiration to me and I wish I could be more like her. She endured different experimental treatments, had tons of painful health problems but she never complained, she never asked "Why me Lord?" She was still quick with a smile and a laugh.
Oh Sherry, how I miss you. When God sat you behind me in school and for all the years that followed he gifted me with one of the greatest blessings in life-a true friend.
This is the last picture I have of Sherry & I (1997) and I know if she were here now we would be giggling over my hair (it looks like a Billy Ray mullet!!)-their will never be another one like you my friend-you were one of a kind!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Kid in Town

Hallie has been wanting to try shorter hair so today we headed to the Beauty Shop for a little help from our friend Jody. Hallie is a Selena Gomez fan so we took this picture with us.
The inspriration
And here we are one haircut later....
What a difference a haircut makes! One little funny note is Hallie was sitting in the salon chair while Jody showed me how much she would need to cut off the back-which was a lot. I asked Hallie a final time are you sure? She replied yes! Jody cut & the hair fell to the floor and Hallie says hmmm, I'm not so sure about this-we all hollered-too late my girl :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hallie is Thankful for....

Hallie is sometimes like a mini me. She often copies what I do etc...So it came as no surprise when I did a post a while back on things I was thankful for; she also got out her paper and was writing what she was thankful for. She asked how to spell a few words but other than that these were all her own with no help. I ran across it while cleaning her room and had to laugh.
Pay close attention to the middle of the list. Hallie is thankful for..... toilets

Well my little girl is nothing if not practical and come to think of it I bet we are all very thankful for them :-) considering the alternatives! 

You can never tell where a blog may lead you I never dreamed when I started this I would be posting pictures of toilets, outhouses and slop jars!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Student of the Week

Hallie's school has a program where you earn Tiger Cub Cards. You earn these cards from teachers for being good students....quiet, helpful etc.. The cards are put in a box and then a student of the week is drawn for each grade every Friday.
Hallie has wanted to be Student of the Week soooooo badly! This program began 2 years ago & at one point when we would pick her up from school on Fridays the first thing she would do was just shake her head and say no, not this week. Well this past Friday I answered the phone at work and it was a joyous Hallie saying "Guess what Mom, I am student of the week!" She was so excited and when I said we would get a picture of her in front of the school sign she said and you can blog about it Mom-she knows me so well :-)
 I present Hallie 2nd grade student of the week!

Just look at that smile-that is one happy girl!
Congratulations Hallie just like the old saying "Good things come to those who wait"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Little Princess

A couple Fridays ago I got a call that strikes fear in some Moms (me). It went something like this your daughter has been chosen to represent our class as Valentine princess at our Winter festival. Let me just say I am not "that" Mom who is creative with ways to raise money so Hallie was warned not to expect to win but just enjoy the moment.
Last night was the festival and all the boys and girls looked so sweet!
I decided to treat Hallie to the "works"  Jody did her hair and she felt like such a big girl and looked so pretty (I know I'm partial)
 Daddy's girl (I love this picture)
Hallie with her friend and fellow princess Claudia :-)
Our neighborhood is full of royalty this is the princesses with their friend and neighbor Prince Hayden
Hallie and friend Logan, the prince from her class
Lining up the 2nd grade representatives. Hard to believe that before the announcements, she was crying from nervousness but once it started she was all smiles-so proud of her!
 All over and time to have fun and play games, Hallie got to play with princess Claire, isn't she precious!

Congrats to King Jordan and Queen Alayna Grace they both go to our church and are a wonderful little boy & girl! The Valentine King & Queen contest was hard work but was for such a good cause-the school! We were all excited when it was announced that this year's contest raised over 24,000.00   WOW good job everyone that makes it all worth it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hallie came home from school and said look Mom I can make a heart & I thought oh that would be a cute picture!
Not much today I had promised myself I would  post a updated  picture of Hunter & Hallie today. The only problem was after their photo session yesterday there was no way I was getting them to do another one today. Luckily I snapped a few pictures this week as we were headed to school. Oh they have already changed so much.
Valentine 2005
Valentine 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day Part 2

Saturday dawned bright and sunny which made it hard to believe the bad weather and snow we had just the day before. I woke up and was excited to get some pictures when it wasn't so cold and windy.The bad side of a sunny, warmer day after a snow is it was melting fast.
I thought Hunter and Hallie wouldn't ever wake up and as soon as they did I had their outfits ready for snow pictures. I don't believe they were as excited as me:-) I promised they could play and get as wet and messy as they wanted as soon as they posed for pics. Here are some of my faves...
 Mickey and Sassy looked like zombie snowmen on day 2 their lollipop and gumball eyes had mysteriously disappeared leaving only the holes and dye behind :-)
 Isabella said the snowmen needed a dog so she brought a mini Polly to guard them :-)
 Awww the loving brother & sister
The true brother & sister!
 Some shots from our yard, the snow makes it look entirely different
This year has been extremely different for Alabama weather wise. We have had 2 snowfalls already and it is just February. Although I have loved the snow I am ready for Spring and warmer days!

A Real Snow Day!

Yes we finally had a real snow day yesterday. It was beautiful and I got to come home early to enjoy it :-)
This is the lot next to our house-so pretty!
Please bear with me I have so many pictures I plan on at least 2 posts-what can I say when it snows in Alabama we go crazy!
Hallie was so excited about the snow
Hunter is excited too he is just hiding it LOL He was just not in the mood for pictures
Hallie with her giant snowball
Isabella & Hallie with their snowballs to throw at Hunter & Hayden
We have had some sad pitiful snowmen in our past let me give you an example...
Meet Skinny Sid our snowman 2009

However, this year was an exception. We were outside gathering supplies to make a snowman when our neighbors Isabella and Hayden came over to help. Isabella said "My Dad makes the best snowmen!" and she was right! The secret we discovered is rolling the snow like a tire...go figure? She enlisted her parents Paul & Amy and thanks to their help it's no sad snowman for us this year!
We have a sporty snow couple....
Meet Mickey & Sassy
Part of the Snowmen crew-Hallie, Isabella & Hayden
Isabella, Hallie & Sassy
Sassy appropriately named due to her boa and look closely she's sticking out her tongue :-)
That's Snow day Part 1 it was sooooo cold but so much fun, stay tuned for Part 2 :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Momma, Pray for Me

 A few posts ago I mentioned I pray aloud for Hunter & Hallie as I drive them to school each morning. I still practice this today.
Last week Hunter had an oral report on his future career choice. Hunter & Hallie are like me in that they hate speaking in front of others. It makes them both extremely nervous when the spotlight is solely on them. The day of the speech, we had barely even got in the car before Hunter asked "Momma will you pray for me?" He asked me specifically to pray for him and his speech. I knew he was terrified.
When I came in from work Hunter couldn't wait to hand me this-
 Good job Hunter we're so proud of you!
I had posted this last week & then Hunter's progress report arrived and I was so disappointed I removed it but I am re-posting now. I realized that even though I may be disappointed because Hunter is not living up to his potential in some areas I still rejoice when he triumphs in others and I love him regardless!