Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tremaine 2011

Hallie attended her 1st performance dance school this October, even though I am behind I am determined to catch up at least one post before the new year! Since this was our first time to dance classes/competition we didn't know what to expect-we learned a few things very quickly.

There were a LOT of girls! And these are just from Hallie's age group.

They take the wrist bands seriously and have a guard to check them!

The time is made better because of friends also experiencing their first time at Tremaine
Hallie, Mady, Lorianna & Claire

One of Hallie's favorite teachers was Tony Bellissimo
  He taught street dance & yes he is covered in sweat - if you had seen how much he moved you would understand why!

Hallie also loved Marty Dew
She was totally impressed because he danced in Alvin and the Chipmunks movie The Squeakquel  ;-)

We took this picture when the dance room was almost empty but I hope if Hallie decides to continue with performance that her confidence grows enough to actually take the stage with a smile!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Go Handley!!! Bring that Trophy Home!!

Remember my post in September about being excited and ready for some football and how our small town goes all out during football season? Well..... that small town football team is going to the state playoffs!!!

Handley Tigers 2011
(photo by Patricia Guinn)
YES our Handley Tigers are going for it all tomorrow!

Our town is so excited you can't go in a store or pass someone on the street without talking about "the GAME"-another reason I love small town living ;-)  Patricia our local photographer is so wonderful to take pictures and record the moments in all our lives and I've seen so many awesome shots she has taken but one of my favorites is this shot she captured of Carolyn Battles our head coach's wife right after our last hard fought win over Clay County that put us in the State playoffs.

That look of sheer joy says it all :-) I love it!

You can do it Handley Tigers bring that trophy home!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween Carnival

Since Thanksgiving is next week I thought I had better post Halloween carnival pictures!

Hallie, Gracie and Bella who was also dressed for Halloween in her pumpkin outfit!

We saw all kinds of creations at the carnival

A puppy named Gracie Lyn with the prettiest eyes!

Mia the Mermaid

Cute cowboys and cowgirls
 Garrett & Alayna Grace
One cute cowboy had lost his two front teeth :-)
A rodeo clown AKA Justin

 The Three Musketeers from Mrs. Head's class
Hallie, Gracie & Reagan

There also was an Auburn cheerleader, Punk Rocker & an Ice Princess
Maibyn & Claudia

A groovy girl Sara

The hayride was the biggest hit!
I guess Hallie saw a monster behind me!

And one of God's most amazing creations was also there
A new baby Lilly Kate
Oh my goodness Katie is a pretty girl!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bible School

I am combining the rest of the days highlights of VBS. Time to do post is short but I just had to take the time and not forget these precious memories! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bible School....

Bible School was.....Fun, Fellowship, Rewarding, Worthwhile and 4 months ago!!!! but just too important not to remember!
          Just a few pics from opening night with more post and pics to follow.
          Isabella, Hallie & Maibyn waiting for class to begin
 Hallie always loves the crafts 

Precious Kelsey :-)
Poor Diane had to sing the theme song complete with mask, snorkel and flippers because her class raised the most money. That doesn't seem like a fitting reward, does it? 
 Stay tuned...theme nights are next :-)