Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Memories & Santa Cheers, Tears

I am so behind on posts I have 10 started and not finished. Since Christmas is tomorrow I thought I had better post some past Christmas pictures before I take a bunch more and end up further behind! These are just a few Christmas & Santa pics. I hate I can't show my early ones of Hunter, wish my scanner was working!
You can't help but love the excitement and wonder of a child at Christmas. Tonight Hallie is already driving us crazy wanting the night to go by and it's only 6:00. She has been worried about Santa out in this yucky weather but we told her he lives at the North Pole so he is used to it. We plan on looking at Christmas lights to pass the time and calm her down ;-) Hunter on the other hand isn't worried about Santa but is worried that his behavior may affect his gifts! He has really tried to be good these last few days!
This was Hallie's first Santa pic I love it because she is looking at him like "Who is this man?" Hunter bless his heart kept that perfect smile pasted on like she's not ruining my chances!

Hallie has figured out who Santa is obviously!

Hunter making sure Santa got his list and look at how brave Hallie is with her Dad holding her of course!

Since Santa can't be everywhere at once this was a special Santa helper who happened to be someone we knew so the kids were relaxed as could be.

"Who is this?" Why it's sweet Cooper of course!

Hunter with his arm around Hallie trying to score a few last minute brownie points before Christmas ;-)

Oh the Christmas outfits this child has had to endure I think next year I will do a post just on those!

Look at that pose...poor child has grew up with me begging & (bribing) for pics!

Precious girls Hallie Bug & Claudi Bug

Daddy's girl 2005

Christmas Card 2004

Christmas Card 2005

Christmas Card 2006

Christmas Card 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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