Saturday, December 19, 2009

Check Yes, No, Kinda

Hallie's precious teacher Mrs. Johns let the elves visit school the last week before Christmas break. Hallie was so excited to take Greer to school to visit her elf friends she hasn't seen since the North Pole!
Of course you know those mischievous little elves caused all kind of havoc while the children were gone to lunch. Hallie tells me items were moved and strewn across the room. However, the most exciting discovery was Greer and Broderick (Hallie's friend Logan's elf) were sitting next to each other when they returned.
Hallie & Logan proud guardians of Greer & Broderick :)
Hallie and Logan discussed what this new occurrence could mean. Do Greer & Broderick like each other? Hallie comes home and ponders this for most of the night and decides to take the honest approach and leave Greer a note for her to answer when she comes to life that night.
Hallie never asks for help with these letters and we never know where she will leave them but it is always a treat when her Dad and I discover them. I think our favorite part of this one was the yes, no or kinda.  I guess things have changed from when we were in school and it was check yes, no or maybe :) The story continues we all went to bed and the next morning this is what we found

I guess Greer does indeed like Broderick. The letter has now been given to Logan for him to ask Broderick if he feels the same about Greer. I just hope Broderick returns the sentiment because I sure would hate to have a heartbroken elf at Christmas. As you know from an earlier letter to Santa; Greer will return to the North Pole on Christmas night.  Maybe she and Broderick can continue their courtship there-under the watchful eye of Santa of course!

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  1. Well, if that is not perfectly PRECIOUS, then I don't know what is! I also cannot wait to see you sport the roadkill. You will be smashing in it as you always are!