Tuesday, July 31, 2012

God's Grace

 I have so many post to catch up on but I simply couldn't post anything until I posted this.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Hallie and I were headed on a shopping trip to Newnan. I could tell I was sleepy because I kept having to shake myself etc.. I even told Hallie to talk to me to keep me awake and that seemed to work and I thought I was fine.

The next thing I know Hallie is screaming and I wake to find we have ran off the road and I don't mean just a little I mean the van was set on cruise at 60 when we ran off and we're in red dirt sliding down a hill! It's a busy road and we're meeting traffic :-( I don't know how but I managed to get back on the road without flipping the van or slinging us back into oncoming traffic.

Do you realize how much of God's grace was with Hallie and I?  Believe me I sure did I praised him outwardly and inwardly the rest of the trip and it still sends shivers down me when I think of that split second that could have changed our lives or even ended them. I know first hand how blessed we were on that day  because I can name friends and family members who lost their lives just by running off the road.

Brother Jeff  often speaks of God's grace and how what most call "luck" is actually God's grace that he has blessed us with while watching over us.  I simply couldn't do another post until I acknowledged his grace and even though I've told him many times said again "Thank You Lord for your grace not only that day but every day."