Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Fun Filled Day

My dear friend Angel is a brave soul. When she found out I had to work the day of the library carnival she not only invited Hallie to attend with her & her 2 beautiful children Alayna Grace & Garrett but also to spend the entire day with them! Hallie had a ball and who wouldn't-the day included the fun filled carnival, swimming and a zumba class to end the day. I'm tired just writing about it. I was disappointed to miss the day with Hallie but Angel took some pics for me.
Arriving at the library and ready for the carnival
In the prize room spending their hard earned points 
Waiting in line for some of the booths it looks as though they had a great turn out
Look at all the friends who were there too
Claudia & Mrs. June
Garrett was happy to see Cooper
And look who else they saw... doll baby Mia!
One of the girl's favorite booths was face painting
Hallie chose a rainbow
After the carnival it was time for pool fun
That was followed by Zumba
Look at Hallie & Alayna Grace at the beginning of Zumba....all smiles
This was after Zumba had "whipped them" bless their hearts :-)

Thanks so much Angel for inviting Hallie to be a part of your day. She had a blast!

Friday, June 25, 2010


 Hallie and Isabella
Just a few pics to share of Hallie & Isabella showing off their very first Whimzy pets even though I believe they now own the entire kingdom! Many days I would come home to find them on the porch with their pets lined up or riding them on their bikes. Such simple fun but sometimes that's the best fun!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Tim

You're a wonderful Dad there isn't anything you wouldn't do or sacrifice for your children. They are blessed to have you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Simple Pleasures Remembered

Hallie came home from Isabellas raving about a new dessert we just HAD to make. I said ok tell me about it. She was explaining "Mom you are not going to believe the ingredients, ice cream and coke!" I told her "Oh little girl-your Mommy grew up on coke floats" but it has been YEARS since I had one but we soon changed that.
Of course she wanted to pretend to be a little Paula Deen with a demonstration.  
Look at the anticipation on that face
 Oh catch it before it runs over!
Ahhh, bliss complete with the coke mustache :-)
I hadn't enjoyed or even thought of a coke float in years but this brought back such great memories of enjoying them as a child-thanks Isabella!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Hear You Lord

To be honest I have never literally heard God "speak" to me but he talks to me all the time in subtle ways and sometimes in direct ways. I love it when that happens because to me it reaffirms that although he is taking care of so many he hasn't forgotten about me. Yesterday was an example of that reaffirmation.

Becky and I were talking at work and I shared that Tim & I were too overprotective with Hunter & Hallie. I simply worry too much and I constantly think of all the bad things that can happen and we have a hard time of letting go. I came home and checked the blogs that I follow and saw that Bring the Rain had a new posting. In it she shared about her daughter being injured doing a simple cartwheel.

Angie related about being a worrier by nature and the enemy preying upon that but what really touched me the most was when she shared that the Lord she and I have given our children to does not want us to fear. The part that I felt was speaking directly to me was when she said that although I need to be a mindful parent that Hunter & Hallie's life is not determined by any of my precautions that I am not in control..... He is.

Now I have struggled with worrying my entire life & I know that I haven't been miraculously cured from it. But it did remind me when worrying seems to be taking control that I need to take a breath and realize I am not in control HE IS.

I hear you Lord, I hear you.  Thanks for reminding me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainbow Nails...oh my!

Hallie had a little money she wanted to spend (of course) and I innocently suggested she pick out something other than a whimsy pet since her collection has grown to almost the entire kingdom!
This is what she chose instead.....
Yes, in all their glory, rainbow finger nails! Oh, where are you Whimsy?
I am just grateful they were peel and stick and she tired of them quickly! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uninvited Company

We had unexpected (and uninvited) company tonight just as we were walking out to dinner. He was just about to knock on the door as we opened it...awkward
When he didn't get invited in he decided to leave
He didn't make it home unfortunately he had a run in with a shovel and a hoe
I know the name of this blog is Polka dots and Prayers but I absolutely draw the line at polka dot snakes!

Awards Day

Oops, this post is late because I just ran across these pictures. Here are a few pics of Second grade awards at Hallie's school.
Don't you just love the look on your child's face when they spot you and they beam from ear to ear.

All of the children received Six Flag reading awards
Hallie also received a certificate for all A's

Hallie actually made herself sick worrying because she didn't win one of the big math or reading awards. I explained to her that all A's is an accomplishment in itself and as long as she does her best we will always be PROUD of her! We love you to pieces Hallie Bug!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls Day Out

This past Saturday, Hallie and I headed to Ashley Park in Newnan for a girls day of shopping. If you have never been to Ashley Park it is an open air shopping mall which has been landscaped so beautifully with fountains and flowers every where you look.
 Our first stop was Charming Charlies, which if I were an alien it would be the Mother ship calling me home! 
The store is huge and filled with thousands of accessories including rings, bracelets, necklaces not to mention funky shoes, purses and clothes. The most convenient part is, it's all grouped by color so you can go straight to whatever color you need.
My second favorite store is DSW Oh my goodness how I LOVE me some shoes! This store has every kind you can imagine and especially what's in fashion right now. 
Hallie spotted these polka dot stilettos-yes stilettos!! She excitedly said "Get em' Momma!" Now you know by the title of this blog I love polka dots but I draw the line at stilettos :-)
Hallie also tried on several pairs most of which had sparkles but they all looked WAY too grown up to me. So in the end we both left empty handed but we still had lots of fun!
Hallie has never liked shopping (much to my dismay) but on the way home she said Mom it's been a good day so I hope she's changing her mind :-) and we have many more girl days in the future.