Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bye Bye 4th Grade

 End of year ceremony

Gosh it's hard to sum up 4th grade for Hallie. It contained quite a few B's    Boyfriends seemed to really make a presence this year with several of Hallie's friends having their first but the boyfriend bug didn't bite Hallie this year. The problem was one determined little boy couldn't quite take no for an answer and became a bully as the year progressed. It's just hard to believe that we are already facing these problems in the 4th grade!
Hallie also made her first B this year and I hit the roof, I can remember when I made my first B and my Dad having a fit. Back then I thought what's the big deal but now that I'm the parent I can see his side :-)
Hallie with longtime friends Mady & Lorianna 

Oh how Hallie loves Mrs. Jenna!  Jenna attends church with us and we were so excited that Hallie got her for a teacher. She was exactly what we had prayed for & such a blessing!

 Hallie,  B or no B , we are proud of you and you're very loved!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Before I post this year's dance recital pics I have a few more from dance competition and cancer relay that I didn't want to forget. This competition was at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. The building was a pretty backdrop for pics.

I was amazed at the costumes at these competitions I snapped a few pics and believe it or not these were not the most elaborate. I have cropped or blurred the girls faces because I didn't want to infringe on their privacy I just thought they were too cute and creative not to share.

Sweet precious friends Lindsey and Sydney

 I also snapped a few pics at the cancer relay this year that I wanted to share.
 Summer and cutie pie Riley

 Hallie loves Reagan she is a sweetheart!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travel Basketball

During Hunter's last game of rec ball this year he was invited to play travel basketball by one of the travel coaches. Bless their hearts it was definitely a learning experience! There was only one returning player so they had never played together as a team and for example Hunter was one of the tallest on his team and the guy in red below was NOT the tallest on his :-)

I'm sure our neighbors are happy with a break from the bouncing ball all day because after Hunter practiced 3, 4 times a week and played every weekend-he was usually tired!

There are some bright notes though our last tournament was in Gulf Shores so we got to enjoy a mini vacation and it has definitely helped Hunter in his defensive skills.