Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Santa, I'm sorry

When Hallie was in first grade Santa sent one of his elves, Greer, to stay with us that December. In case you don't know the tradition Santa sends some of his mischievous elves along with magic sprinkles for them. If you sprinkle the elf before you go to bed she comes to life and causes mischief. We have woken up to Greer having caused all kinds of trouble and sometimes it even takes us a while to find her-that little scamp ;-)
The tradition continues that the elf has to return to the North Pole on Christmas night to work on toys and help Santa throughout the year and then returns back to you in December. Well last year Greer left Christmas night and Hallie cried every night after that and begged for her return.  After a couple weeks of this her Dad put in a "special" call to Santa and Greer was allowed to come live with us again but her magic powers wouldn't return until December.
So December 1st Hallie was so excited & sprinkled Greer before she went to bed.  Guess what happened?  Nothing! Greer had not moved from her spot the next morning and the house was still untouched. Hallie fretted about this all day. We finally decided that Santa was upset that Greer had stayed away so long from the North Pole and had taken away her magical powers.
Hallie was very disappointed but goes to bed so her Dad & I think she has accepted it until....we find this on our den floor   
Then, we wake up the next morning to find this....
 Greer is perched atop Hallie's canopy! I guess Santa has forgiven her and we're just waiting to see what naughty Greer does next :-)

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  1. That is precious! Billdrum has been a bit lazy this year...I think she worked too hard. I bet she had to cover Greer's shifts at the North Pole last year! Look what you've done! Now our elf it to pooped to party!

    Love your new design. You are just too cute girl!