Saturday, December 26, 2009

I can do that!

I am not usually the type that looks at something and says "I can do that." I am usually the intimidated one that thinks I could never do that; but maybe there is a first time for everything. While I was surfing the net a few nights ago I ran across monogrammed polka dot ornaments and thought hmmm... ornament, paint pen- I can do that! To my surprise I found I could do that but once I started I couldn't stop-it was addictive!
Here is about half that I have done so far

 Pink with white polka dots

Pink with red polka dots

White with pink polka dots

White with red polka dots

A pink one for a precious friend!

An Alabama one for the guys (the only red ornament I had was crackled which is why the paint looks like it does)

This is Hallie's that she did all by herself! Didn't she do a great job!

Ok somebody stop me! No really they are a lot of fun and I already have so many more ideas in mind. If you like them, give it a try-I promise if I can do it anyone can :-)

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