Monday, May 3, 2010

Cotton Pickin' Fair

Anyone who knows me knows I love a craft fair so seeing this made me very happy
You can find just about anything at the Cotton Pickin' Fair from plants to antiques... children's boutique clothing. If you have read my blog you know we love Kidbodies and this is Carol the designer and our friend! We loved that we got to wear her clothing one more time, Hallie wore this dress pictured to church Sunday.
Although I couldn't bribe Hunter to go with us Hallie was excited and what child wouldn't be...she got her face painted
Admiring the finished product
She ate Italian Ice (please ignore the porta potty background!)
Although she loved all of these things her favorite was the pony rides
Here she is riding Pepper
And for her second ride she chose Bam Bam
Tim has been going with me to craft fairs for over 20 years and long ago we made a deal he totes my packages and I buy him anything he wants to eat :-)

When it was time to go and we were driving away Hallie said "I can't wait till the next one!" I am hoping maybe she will love them as much as me!

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