Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cupcakes & Catch Up

I found these pictures today and realized I never posted them so we are playing catch up. Hallie will be so excited this was one of the few times she asked  "Have you blogged the cupcakes yet Mom?" I feel like such a bad Mom because I got busy with the season and forgot! Anyway Mrs Lyn had asked for snacks for the lock in and Hallie begged to do cupcakes.
Hallie is so much like me we decided to do polka dot cupcakes and Hallie wanted to wear her polka dot dress. Yes I admit I am a matcher too!!
Anxiously waiting for them to cool
Does she not look like one of the Price is Right models in this shot?
Time to ice YEA! (if you're wondering about the wet hair Hallie took her bath while they were cooling but insisted on putting her dress back on because... Mom she couldn't be on the blog in her robe!!)
So proud with her finished product!
Yes we got carried away not only did we do polka dots but monograms and Christmas trees...
 Time to sample

This concludes this episode of cooking with Hallie with many more episodes to follow. We always have so much fun cooking together and I treasure those times.

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