Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swimming Lessons

A few years ago the kiddos took swimming lessons. Hunter was 9, Hallie was 4.
Hunter loved it & took to it like a fish to water
Hallie hated it.
Oh she loved wearing her new bathing suit
She loved visiting with Claudia
She loved their poolside fashion shows
She loved her teacher Mrs. Laura
The big smile on Hallie's face is due to this was the final day of lessons :-)

Unfortunately that ends the things she loved about swimming. There was one important aspect of swimming she hated-the WATER!!! She didn't want to get wet and by no means of begging did she want to get her face wet. She spent most of her time in tears and before it was over so did I. Four years have passed since swimming lessons but Hallie's stance on water and pools has remained the same she's happy clinging to the side and not going under which makes this little video we took while on vacation this year all the more remarkable (I know it may not seem like much to most folks) but to us it was truly a milestone!!
The quality of this is awful but that blur that you see swimming UNDER WATER is Hallie!!

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  1. HOORAY for Hallie bug! So proud of her! LOVED seeing the old pictures of our babies. Wow, has it really been that long?