Saturday, May 29, 2010

Come to the Carnival

I can remember as a little girl being so excited when the carnival came to town. I have to admit as an adult the excitement has dimmed :-) but Hallie loves it... so this week as I headed to work our local radio station was giving away unlimited ride bands and I thought why not? So I called & won!
First, Hallie slayed the dragon
 She is definitely not a daredevil and thought the dragon went too high so she moved on to tamer rides :-)
The absolute tamest was this train where she saw her friend Montana and they rode together. Hallie said it was so slow that Montana kept asking the "conductor" if she could get off because it was so boring :-)
She also tried her balance in the fun house with the spinning barrel
But her absolute favorite was the carousel (I think because it involved horses) she rode it AGAIN & AGAIN
 Oh my, do you remember the ducks? This was always my absolute favorite! Memories...
What child would not be tempted by all this?
And they are off! Who will win?
 Hallie wins!
Other tempting items funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn...
We were honored to be escorted by a rock star. Yes he did take some ribbing for toting the hot pick guitar!
 That concludes carnival time for this year but what carnival trip would be complete without cotton candy? (although I do miss the old fashion way they used to make it with a stick when I was a little girl)

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