Monday, May 31, 2010

Knock Before You Enter

Mother's Day weekend Hallie shut her door and posted this sign
 She was in there for hours and since Hallie hates being in her room by herself we knew she was up to serious business. Mother's day morning I found out what it was, she had made me 9 Mother's day cards-yes 9!
They were decorated inside & out
Since she was just a little bitty thing she has always written us cards to show her love and I have treasured every one of them.
The entire family also surprised me with this basket full of goodies they had picked out.
I have to laugh at the contents because I can immediately tell Hallie helped pick them. Anyone who knows her-knows what a little germ-a-phobe she is and look there are 3 antibacterial products from hand sanitizer to soap! You can also see they know me well because there is lots of chocolate!
I am also including a pic of Hunter right after he had gotten up and wanted to know what the deal was with the gifts and then grinning sheepishly when he found out it was Mother's day! This is him saying "Happy Mother's Day"

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