Monday, May 17, 2010

Field Trip!!!

Last week Hallie's class took a field trip to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham
Oh my goodness, this place was jam packed! It was our first trip there and truly an adventure! There was so much to do.....
Peyton & Hallie first tried the simulated tornado
Hallie learned to be a weather girl first on the green screen
Then on the real screen 
Hallie, Taylor & Logan made nails dance!?!
You could even jump in on a quick tug of war!
Hallie got to meet small fish...
...and large fish
One of the favorite attractions was this bike suspended high above the floor. Hallie is like her Mom and scared of heights and chickened out. Taylor wasn't scared he went first & loved it- just look at that smile!
The hurricane simulator was also a big hit! Logan's expression cracks me up!
These two big kids had to try the hurricane simulator too and look at all the other kids watching :-)
You could even uncover dinosaur bones!
Just make sure you don't stand in line too long and end up looking like these guys!

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