Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

One of Hallie's all time favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz and this year their tap routine was to "If I only Had a Heart" It turned out really cute.
I love that the camera caught the interaction between Hallie & Claudia. They have always been so excited to see each other and talked "90 to nothing" and these pictures while they were waiting to practice really captured that. It's almost as if you can hear their conversation
"Guess what happened today?"
"No, really!"
"That's so funny!"
Now, time for business and rehearsing of "If I Only Had a Heart"

Now a few shots of their jazz practice performing "Pink"
Great job girls, great job!

This year for the finale instead of just taking a bow all the dancers came on stage and did a group dance to "Hoedown Throwdown". Hallie was most excited about this! She knew this dance by heart after seeing the movie and from the looks of it so did the other girls. They seemed to love it & so did the audience.
Country girls Hallie & Claudia
"Pop it, Rock it, Polka Dot it"
That ends rehearsal, tomorrow we finally dance!

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