Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank You Mrs. Johns

When it comes to teachers Hallie has been blessed with wonderful teachers each year and this year was no exception she simply loves Mrs. Johns.
Poor Mrs. Johns every time I see her it's say cheese!
Mrs. Johns cares about her students and take an interest in their lives so when Hallie & Mady invited her to come watch their dance practice-she took time out of her own life and came. I think that just speaks volumes of what kind of teacher she is. Sadly I didn't have my camera but I am sure she was very grateful :-)  As soon as we left Hallie asked if she could get her a card to thank her.
She picked the card out herself
Hallie takes her cards seriously and had to doctor it up inside and out
When she was finished there was hardly an inch without some type of writing
Here she is excited to deliver it to her
In a few weeks this school year will be over and we thank you Mrs. Johns for making this a wonderful, blessed year!

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