Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time to Dance

Where has the time gone? This is Hallie's fourth dance recital and it seems like yesterday she was walking timidly into class looking back at me with those big brown eyes making sure I was still there. I look at these pictures and see the beautiful young lady she is becoming. My prayer is that she will be sweet & beautiful on the inside because even though outward beauty is nice-it's what's inside that truly matters.
The dancers are asked to wear makeup for the performances because the lights really wash them out and even though I know that is true-it's still hard to see your baby with makeup on looking all grown up!
YIKES! Talk about a close up! (I told Tim only waist up and he minded me for once HA!)
Sweetie pie Emma & Hallie
We were excited to dance on the same night as Isabella-she is just the cutest!
Our yearly shots of the girls I haven't went back and looked at years past because I'm afraid I would cry
Our yearly pic with Mrs. Vickie
Hallie in her assigned seat looking a little anxious and ready to begin
Fast forward and it's all over, she's all smiles because she got her customary prize (she requested zhu zhu pets) and even had a smile for her brother
Speaking of her brother, Hunter was all smiles because he got to take a pic with his beautiful (and smart) math tutor Katrina. Thanks for all your help Katrina!

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