Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Growing up my Mom was my best friend. We talked. We laughed. We loved. When my friends complained about their Moms I couldn't relate. There was no one I would rather have spent my time with. She sacrificed and always put her family first. She always made me feel as if the sun rose with me and that I was her best friend too. 
She taught me so many important life lessons. I was taught at an early age that everyone, regardless of who they were, what background they came from, deserved respect and to always treat everyone as I  wanted to be treated.
 She taught me my work ethic. She believed that if you could get out of bed you went to work. You always did the best job you could do and that most things in life that were important required hard work. She taught me compassion. She taught me honesty and loyalty. She taught me all these things and so many more values and beliefs that shaped the person I am today.
 BUT the most important thing my Mom taught me was 
(this is part of an inscription from a bible she gave me)
I can't count the times my Mom has told me those words "Put God first and you will have everything you need"
Sadly my Mom's health is failing and we don't get to do our spontaneous shopping trips or stay up half the night talking and laughing like we used to but one thing remains the same-her faith and her love. Thank you God for blessing me with a Godly Mother who always lived by what she taught and put you first. Happy Mother's Day Mom I am truly blessed to call you Mom.

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