Friday, February 26, 2010

True Friends are Golden

Lately reruns of The Golden Girls have been on almost every night . This makes me happy in a comforting kind of way and it also makes me think of my friend Sherry.
I just love the Golden Girls & one of the reasons I love them so is because they are true friends. They may bicker but when the chips are down they are always there for each other. True friends are rare & priceless!
One of my true friends growing up was a precious girl named Sherry. During school I lucked out that both our names ended in H and every teacher always started the year in alphabetical order. I was blessed to have her sit behind me for as long as I can remember.
Sherry always made the best of every situation. She was always laughing, simply precious and priceless! She could just look at me and we would giggle. We finished each others sentences and thoughts. We shared everything from first kisses, first dates, first loves.
The funny thing was we had nothing in common but somehow we clicked. One of our differences was she loved dogs and had 2 pet Chihuahuas (Honey & Cocoa) and I loathed them! She would laugh hysterically now if she saw Biscuit asleep on my lap each night! It's also funny that our pets were named after food because we both loved to eat!
Heartbreakingly Sherry passed away a few years ago and I think of her often.  She had a rare disease which has a long complicated name but basically means it aged her organs at a rapid rate. She was such an inspiration to me and I wish I could be more like her. She endured different experimental treatments, had tons of painful health problems but she never complained, she never asked "Why me Lord?" She was still quick with a smile and a laugh.
Oh Sherry, how I miss you. When God sat you behind me in school and for all the years that followed he gifted me with one of the greatest blessings in life-a true friend.
This is the last picture I have of Sherry & I (1997) and I know if she were here now we would be giggling over my hair (it looks like a Billy Ray mullet!!)-their will never be another one like you my friend-you were one of a kind!

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