Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad Dog Biscuit, Bad Dog!

Biscuit is constantly getting into trouble, mostly because he loves to chew on anything and everything. I have to watch him closer than I ever did Hunter or Hallie when they were babies. We have caught him chewing on shoes, socks, refrigerator magnets, you name it & he has tried to eat it! He can just be a bad, bad dog!
Conduct in Hallie's school is graded by moving your clip. You start the week with a 100 but if you misbehave you have to move your clip and thus dropping your grade. Hallie loves to play teacher and is constantly telling Biscuit she's moving his clip when he misbehaves.  I thought she was just pretending until I walked into her room and saw this....
Poor Biscuit I'm sure that grade means a trip to the Principal's office!

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