Monday, February 22, 2010

Hallie is Thankful for....

Hallie is sometimes like a mini me. She often copies what I do etc...So it came as no surprise when I did a post a while back on things I was thankful for; she also got out her paper and was writing what she was thankful for. She asked how to spell a few words but other than that these were all her own with no help. I ran across it while cleaning her room and had to laugh.
Pay close attention to the middle of the list. Hallie is thankful for..... toilets

Well my little girl is nothing if not practical and come to think of it I bet we are all very thankful for them :-) considering the alternatives! 

You can never tell where a blog may lead you I never dreamed when I started this I would be posting pictures of toilets, outhouses and slop jars!!

1 comment:

  1. You know, Hallie, I too am thankful for toilets...and I LOVE that she is thankful for hairbows! :-) What a gal that Hal!