Monday, February 8, 2010

Momma, Pray for Me

 A few posts ago I mentioned I pray aloud for Hunter & Hallie as I drive them to school each morning. I still practice this today.
Last week Hunter had an oral report on his future career choice. Hunter & Hallie are like me in that they hate speaking in front of others. It makes them both extremely nervous when the spotlight is solely on them. The day of the speech, we had barely even got in the car before Hunter asked "Momma will you pray for me?" He asked me specifically to pray for him and his speech. I knew he was terrified.
When I came in from work Hunter couldn't wait to hand me this-
 Good job Hunter we're so proud of you!
I had posted this last week & then Hunter's progress report arrived and I was so disappointed I removed it but I am re-posting now. I realized that even though I may be disappointed because Hunter is not living up to his potential in some areas I still rejoice when he triumphs in others and I love him regardless!

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