Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Real Snow Day!

Yes we finally had a real snow day yesterday. It was beautiful and I got to come home early to enjoy it :-)
This is the lot next to our house-so pretty!
Please bear with me I have so many pictures I plan on at least 2 posts-what can I say when it snows in Alabama we go crazy!
Hallie was so excited about the snow
Hunter is excited too he is just hiding it LOL He was just not in the mood for pictures
Hallie with her giant snowball
Isabella & Hallie with their snowballs to throw at Hunter & Hayden
We have had some sad pitiful snowmen in our past let me give you an example...
Meet Skinny Sid our snowman 2009

However, this year was an exception. We were outside gathering supplies to make a snowman when our neighbors Isabella and Hayden came over to help. Isabella said "My Dad makes the best snowmen!" and she was right! The secret we discovered is rolling the snow like a tire...go figure? She enlisted her parents Paul & Amy and thanks to their help it's no sad snowman for us this year!
We have a sporty snow couple....
Meet Mickey & Sassy
Part of the Snowmen crew-Hallie, Isabella & Hayden
Isabella, Hallie & Sassy
Sassy appropriately named due to her boa and look closely she's sticking out her tongue :-)
That's Snow day Part 1 it was sooooo cold but so much fun, stay tuned for Part 2 :-)

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