Monday, March 1, 2010

"Ladies, I'm sorry but if you didn't receive a rose please say your goodbyes"

Okay if your a Bachelor fan like me you recognize that phrase. Bachelor is one of the few shows I watch on TV. I don't love the drama of it but I really like to see it when a rare thing happens and they do fall in love.  Hallie's favorite part is the Rose Ceremony and I always have to call her when they are about to hand out the roses.  We were taking pictures the other night and she was being silly and wanted to act like she was in the rose ceremony.....
Oh I can't believe he called my name!
Back in the line doing the obligatory rose smell!
 One happy Bachelorette

Ok we know sometimes you don't get chosen so I asked Hallie to show how the girls look if their name isn't called
This picture makes me giggle does she not look like a  brunette Nellie Oleson from Little House, I think it's the curls and the frown of course!

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