Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day Part 2

Saturday dawned bright and sunny which made it hard to believe the bad weather and snow we had just the day before. I woke up and was excited to get some pictures when it wasn't so cold and windy.The bad side of a sunny, warmer day after a snow is it was melting fast.
I thought Hunter and Hallie wouldn't ever wake up and as soon as they did I had their outfits ready for snow pictures. I don't believe they were as excited as me:-) I promised they could play and get as wet and messy as they wanted as soon as they posed for pics. Here are some of my faves...
 Mickey and Sassy looked like zombie snowmen on day 2 their lollipop and gumball eyes had mysteriously disappeared leaving only the holes and dye behind :-)
 Isabella said the snowmen needed a dog so she brought a mini Polly to guard them :-)
 Awww the loving brother & sister
The true brother & sister!
 Some shots from our yard, the snow makes it look entirely different
This year has been extremely different for Alabama weather wise. We have had 2 snowfalls already and it is just February. Although I have loved the snow I am ready for Spring and warmer days!

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  1. Oh girl, you are totaly rockin the new camera! The pics are GREAT!!!!!!!!!