Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, Never Say Never

As the New Year approaches, I think about changes that need to be made in my life. Unfortunately, I have never kept my resolutions so I don't make them anymore. Not only do I not keep my resolutions but things I believed with all my heart I would never do-I did!

I will never drive a mini van!
Yes that's my mini van in the driveway

I will never let my kids sleep with me!
Yes that is Hallie's bed which has never been slept in (because she is in our bed)

I will never have a dog in my house!
Yes that's our dog Biscuit resting peacefully on our couch

Friends I hate to tell you not to believe a word I say but if any of my sentences start with "I will never..." don't believe me!
One statement I can make and you can believe "I hope you each have a healthy, prosperous and wonderful New Year"
I wrote this post a few days ago but today I have been feeling a little melancholy and have not felt lighthearted as this post represents. As I get older starting a new year makes me sad in some ways. Time seems to be flying by and I think of so many things I wish I had done differently and how my children are growing up so fast. As I said earlier I don't make resolutions but this next year I hope I make the most of every moment.

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