Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roll Tide Roll! Congrats Alabama 2009 National Champions!

Our house loves some Alabama football. Let me show you the ways....

We have Alabama themed birthday parties

Alabama jerseys and hats are on our Christmas list

The Alabama Crimson Tide flag flies in front of our house (win or lose)

Our children wear Alabama apparel

Even our dog Biscuit is a fan!
So I guess you're getting the idea, we are fans in a big way! Last Thursday night we were camped out on the couch to watch Alabama battle Texas in the National Championship game. To say we were nervous was an understatement.
Tim and the kids were so silly they each had on the same clothes they wore during the Alabama-Florida SEC championship game because we played so well then. I don't know if the clothes helped but we did win. It wasn't pretty but all that matters is that we won! Our last national championship was 1992 and I still remember the excitement of that game and this time Hunter and Hallie got to be in on the fun. Here are some highlights of the game....
 Congratulations Alabama 14-0 and 2009 National Champions!

We were fans then (2004)

We are fans now! (2010)

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  1. Boy have they grown! You have a beautiful family. I love their beautiful faces in these pictures! And that's all this Auburn grad has to say about that post! Wink Wink! Love you girl, even if we are a divided friendship! :-)