Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back In The Day

At work the other day we all started talking about remembering things from the days when we grew up....Tim & Becky each told stories of how people used to iron their hair to have that super straight look. That takes the term flat iron to a whole new level! We also talked about sitting right under your date and how it looked like it took two to drive the car or truck, I remember those days too! With buckets seats in cars and trucks of today- needing two to drive is almost a thing of the past!

I started thinking about what was "in" back in my day. I graduated in 1985 and it seems so long ago but hopefully I can remember some things ;-) These are some of my remembered fashions, fads and trends from the 70's and 80's....I bet some of you will say "Oh I remember those too!"
Jelly shoes (oh I hated these!)

Big Hair

Farrah & feathered bangs

Stirrup pants
Member's Only Jackets

Mood Rings

Movies & TV
Any Molly Ringwald Movie


Who shot J.R.

Where's the beef?!

Got to have it toys
Rubik's cube

Pet Rock (I can't believe we paid money for these after all it was just a rock!)

Lemon Twist (this was my favorite!)

Well that concludes my trip down memory lane. Sorry it is so long but one memory led to another ;-)

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  1. Loved some of those! Thanks for the memories...