Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sundays at Our House

Sundays at our house especially Sunday mornings can be termed in one word-stressful. It never fails no matter how early we set the alarm and get up, it all falls to pieces. By the time we head out the door we are usually all at each other's throats and definitely not deserving of a blessing.
Here are just a few examples, the pants we have ironed and Hunter has on to wear are about 3 inches too short.
He now looks like Steve Urkel but the pants fit fine a few days earlier. The shirt it took Tim forever to locate has been pressed but now has mysterious spots that weren't there earlier. We can't find Hallie's socks, shoes, hair bow etc. The list could go on & on.
Believe it or not we plan what we are wearing the night before but still these last minute hindrances always happen.
The other Sunday morning was no exception it all went downhill in a hurry. It seems everything that could go wrong went wrong. My head is pounding, Tim is yelling the time every few minutes like a deranged alarm clock and in my exasperation I say "Why does this always happen I just don't understand?"  Hallie answers me just as clear as a bell....Satan
Oh how true that is, I believe Satan jumps on you the hardest on Sundays and that is why we feel like we have fought a battle by the time we reach church. I also believe every time you roll out of bed instead of rolling over. Every time you battle on and find another shirt, pants etc.. to wear. Every time you walk into that church on Sunday morning, God's heart feels like this....
Sorry but this is the closest picture I could find to represent a happy dance ;-)


  1. Same thing going on right up the road from you...and I totally agree with Hallie! One difference, I am the deranged alarm clock1 :-)

  2. You described our Sunday mornings to a T!!! Neil and I argue more on Sunday mornings than anyother day! He says im rushing, but we are always late anyway!! Satan tries to bring us down, but once we are there, we are uplifted and so glad we went!