Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now Tim, This Won't Hurt a Bit

Now what do these 3 things have in common? These are 3 of Tim's biggest fears-snakes, needles and mayonnaise! Yes, mayonnaise but believe it or not that's not the subject of this post.
Tim hates needles or rather drawing blood. During the course of our dating he told me horror stories of his aversion to needles.
When I discovered I was pregnant Tim accompanied me to the Dr. I have RH negative blood and the Dr. said Tim needed to be blood typed too to determine if I would need a shot to prevent complications. Tim went white as a ghost, I believe if he had known this information before hand we would still be a childless couple! HA!
A few years ago Tim tore his ACL while playing basketball. I truly believe the IV was one of the reasons he put off knee surgery as long as he did. Finally he could put it off no longer and surgery day came. They wheel Tim back as I head to the waiting room.  After a while they call me back to recovery. As soon as I open the door to go back I hear Tim (who was feeling no pain) singing (loudly) I LOVE LINDA over and over. I'm thinking ok Tim do you have some explaining to do?
It turns out Linda was his IV nurse, he had explained his fear and she took special measures with him. She placed a cool damp towel over his eyes and while he was asking when she would start she said "Honey, I'm finished!" So for that day and time Tim did love Linda and so did I!

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