Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well Done Tim Tebow, Well Done

I can't tell you what football number Tim Tebow wears . I can't tell you how many touchdown passes he has thrown in his career. I can't tell you what his favorite color, food, movie is.... However, one thing I can tell you is Tim Tebow wears a scripture on his eye black during every game and I think that is wonderful!

I usually check some type of internet news page each night before I go to bed. Friday night as I checked the news a headline stated the scripture Tim wore during the Sugar Bowl game against Cincinnati. I thought how remarkable that a young man thought to do something throughout his career that gives glory to Jesus Christ each time he plays football.
I investigated a little and found that when he wore John 3:16 during last year's national championship game, Google drew a reported 93 million hits for that scripture that day! The article went on to say that searches for each scripture he wears go up 40 percent after every game. The message of Jesus being spread to millions all because a remarkable young man isn't afraid to show & share his faith.
He said in an interview that the idea came to him as a way to get the message out & reach people. Wow...there is no telling how many seeds this young man has sewn in the name of Jesus. So for that reason I may not know your accomplishments on the field Tim Tebow but for your accomplishments in what matters the most, I am truly a fan.

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