Friday, November 27, 2009

Girls Night Out with Edward, Jacob & Bella

A few nights ago I went to see New Moon with some of my wonderful co-workers. I read the Twilight Saga books because Carol (one of the beautiful ladies at the end of the post) recommended them. When she told me they were some of the best books she had ever read I was excited to read them but had doubts if I would like them since I've never enjoyed vampire stories. If you have read them you know vampires is the least of the story.  It's a love story, a made for teens but somehow appeals to all ages love story.
I started the first book & I was hooked. I devoured them! I read most of them in a night. I'm completely on the bandwagon they are some of the best books I have ever read.
I thought the New Moon movie was great, to me it stuck pretty close to the book. I have seen posters that say Team Edward or Team Jacob & after this movie I would have to say Team Jacob! Of course having read the books I know that may change with the next movie.

Ladies, I had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for letting me tag along. Hopefully we'll get together before then, but if not, mark your calendars-June 2010-Eclipse-same time same place ;-)

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