Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can you guess which way we roll?

Today was Alabama & Auburn day at Hallie's school in honor of the Iron Bowl coming up on Friday. We found these houndstooth overalls at Christmas Village and with some wonderful applique done by our friend Mandy, Hallie was all set to show her Bama pride. We decked her out from head to toe with red & white polka dot ribbons and finished by doing her an Alabama A on her cheek.The painted elephant bow she has on in one pic I think Tim bought for her before she was even born!

We take our football seriously in the South and there is no bigger rivalry than Alabama & Auburn. Even though statistic wise Alabama is the better team this year you can throw all the stats out the window with this game because anything can happen and usually does! We are big Bama fans at our house especially Tim. I sometimes think he lives and breathes Alabama football.  I can already feel the excitement and the nerves and the game is still a few days away. I hope to come back Friday night and say Roll Tide Roll but if we do find ourselves on the losing team- life will go own :-) I found this picture from several years ago I hope to add an updated one in a few days

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