Saturday, November 21, 2009

The blessing of friends and a sleepover

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tim & I celebrated our 20 year anniversary this week and thanks to our awesome friends Chad & Lyn we were able to get away for a night. My Mom watched Hunter for us and they took care of Hallie while we were gone.

Their daughter Claudia & Hallie have been friends practically since birth and Hallie was so excited to get to spend the night with her. I know as a parent I pray for the friends that Hunter & Hallie will make throughout their lives because friends can so easily influence decisions. I feel blessed that Claudia is one of Hallie's friends because she is such a precious girl with a sweet spirit.  I've included a few pictures of Claudia and Hallie through the years :) I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

This was Hallie's first sleepover and Tim & I were a little nervous.  Not worried about her safety because we knew she was in the best of hands but worried she might miss us and cry and basically drive them crazy! Our fears were totally unfounded as I understand she did great-no tears and just a wonderful time! They had a busy night with dance practice, a community pep rally, lots of playing, giggling and just a little bit later bedtime :)

Thanks again Lyn, Chad, Claudia & Cooper for making Hallie's sleepover such a success and our getaway possible. We feel so blessed to have friends like you.

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  1. You are so welcome! That is why God gave us each other. Hallie was a joy to have!