Saturday, November 21, 2009

20 years

Tim & I celebrated our 20th anniversary on November 16th. I have seen other blogs with wonderful pictures and exciting stories of all the milestones of their years together. Well guess what, I don't have those! I figured out Tim and I have very few family pictures. The picture above was several years ago and was taken because of the insistence of a church friend. There are thousands of pictures of the kids but very few of Tim & I. I'm guessing because I am usually behind the camera and partly because I hate to have my picture taken. I also don't have any records or journals of our marriage moments so I thought I would try to think of just a few things that pop in my mind regarding our years together, no structure just random thoughts.
1. We honeymooned in Gatlinburg and the day that we left Roanoke it was 70 degrees and a small tornado had passed through the night before. We even saw an overturned mobile home on our way out of town.  When we arrived in Tennessee it was snowing and in the 30's. What a shock to our system!
2. We ate our first meal together as a married couple at McDonald's!! Tim jokes he didn't want to waste a minute of that secluded cabin ;)
3. One of our biggest fights the first year of marriage was due to a surprise gift! We had agreed not to give gifts for Easter (remember those days when every holiday meant a card or gift) & I broke that promise by surprising Tim with a basket full of goodies. He didn't speak to me for 2 days!!
4. A couple of awww moments...He called me at work and serenaded with me with "I just called to say I love you." He showed up after work one night during a monsoon with an umbrella to cover me just because he knew I didn't have mine. He would be surprised to know that although I have appreciated every gift he's ever given me it's moments like these that mean the most.
5. A sacrifice...He traded his pride and joy, his dream truck to buy me a new vehicle because mine was giving safety problems. He did this not because I nagged him since I never mentioned it but because he wanted to.
6. A haha moment... while I was in labor with Hunter as they were giving me the epidural Tim was holding me completely still as the Dr. gave him orders. Tim hates needles and turned white as a sheet and broke out in a sweat. The Dr. and nurse leave me bent over in the middle of a contraction, with a tube sticking out of my back to check on Tim. I joke he just couldn't stand me having all the attention :)
Of course there are thousands of more memories through 20 years together but these were just the first few that popped into my mind. This last thought isn't just a memory but a fact- Tim always puts my and our children's needs before his own. I don't ask him to it's just the type man he is and I know I am very blessed to have him as a husband.

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