Sunday, November 15, 2009

Carol and Kidbodies

I met Carol of Kidbodies about 8 years or so ago I drooled over her little girl's clothing line even before I had Hallie. I remember introducing myself to her once I found out I was having a girl and promising I would be back. Gosh did I ever come back! We have shopped with Carol every season since Hallie was born. I just can't say enough about Carol's designs they are top quality and cutting edge-funky, fun, truly unique!
Through the years Tim & I have gotten to know Carol & she is honestly one of the sweetest most talented people you will ever meet. We have loved Hallie wearing her clothes but we also look forward to seeing her each season and even though we are now outgrowing her sizes-sniff, sniff :( We still look forward to stopping by and visiting with Carol and catching up. Since we have owned a Kidbodies outfit every year since Hallie was born I thought it might be fun to see some designs through the years :)

Thank you Carol for all the wonderful outfits you've created through the years but also for the memories we have of Hallie wearing them. We love you girl!

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