Saturday, October 9, 2010

Small Towns Love a Homecoming Parade

Remember on an earlier post when I said our small town does homecoming BIG....well the parade is no exception. You would not believe how many people come out for a parade in our town. There were no parking places and the people were packed in.
Now, take a look at what a homecoming parade small town style features....
Parade watchers eager for it to begin-Angel & Garrett
Sweet Emma
I bet only small towns can boast of  lawn mower races in it's parade!
The band is leading the way
Next came the cheerleaders riding on top of the firetruck
Pretty homecoming maids representing their classes in convertibles
Next was my favorite, the floats for each class.
Senior class theme was When the Bough Breaks
Junior class theme was Victory in Tigerland which was a spin of Alice in Wonderland. This was my pick, there were just so many details
Sorry but I didn't know what the Sophomore theme was other than their class year ;-)
Freshmen theme was King Tiger Humbles Bulldogs
 Each class float is judged and this year's winner was the Seniors-congrats Seniors!
Last, I end with the reason Angel and I came to the parade-our kiddos
We worked it out so we could take our lunch and go to the parade, it was such a hectic day but we have such sweet coworkers that were urging us-go-don't miss it! It was all worth it when they came rolling down the street and we saw how happy they were to see us.
Alayna Grace waving to us
And cheering with all her heart
Next was Hallie's cheer group I thought she was going to jump off the trailer when she saw us :-)
Hallie says "Bye folks, that concludes Homecoming 2010"

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