Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming Small Town Style :-)

This past week was homecoming week and in our small town we take homecoming seriously! Each school has a theme week and Hallie was so excited to get to follow the theme each day.
 The first day was pajama day and I'm sharing a few pics of Hallie and they represent how Hallie gets up each morning. She's slow to rise, eyes barely open and not very happy about it.
 Ok she's coming around eyes getting a little more open
 Good Morning Hallie, finally :-)
 Tuesday was hat day and Hallie chose her cowboy hat and wanted her hair braided and Mom & Dad did their best which still wasn't very good (bless our hearts)
 She still looked pretty cute as a cowgirl though.
 Hallie loves horses and has even has asked for a pony for Christmas!
 Hunter chose not to participate in homecoming festivities but I wanted to show how handsome he was this morning.
 Wednesday was support the Handley Tigers by wearing school colors red & white or a school tee
 I also painted her face since they were having a pep rally that day
 Hallie was in a good mood and loving all these different theme days
 Thursday was tacky day and we chose our tried and true tacky attire but added her glitter rock and roll tee 
 I didn't mean for one pigtail to be higher than the other and discovered it while taking these pictures but as Hunter pointed out "It's tacky day anyway let's go!!!"
 The striped socks are my fave part of the outfit
Friday was cheerleader or football player day
Striking a cheerleader pose

Stay tuned for the community pep rally as I said we do homecoming BIG!

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