Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pep Rally Time

Last Thursday night was our community wide homecoming  pep rally. All of the pee wee cheerleaders got to participate with their dance routines and stunts.
I took this shot before we left the house as Tim & Hallie were walking back from Mady's. I love it because Hallie still loves to hold our hands and I know those days are numbered :-(
Gracie & Hallie before the game, really concentrating on something...wonder what it is?
Games on Mom's iphone
One more shot before the festivities begin
The tiger paw knee socks were Tia's idea & I loved them-they are so "old school"
I worried that Hallie would be nervous but judging by how she is perched atop the fence I think she was doing ok!
Here come the Handley Tigers!
Gosh, that is a sea of crimson and white and makes our girls seem so small!
The Senior football players are acknowledged with a goody bag and #54 is seriously checking his out :-)
The band looked and sounded great!
Alayna Grace's cheer squad went first and A.G. did great-she knew her moves :-)
Next up was Hallie's squad, they did a dance to a three song montage
One of the songs was "Shoulda put a ring on it" as you can see them pointing to their ring finger
They ended with "Lean on me" and notice 2 of the Varsity cheerleaders leaning too :-)
At the end of the festivities the Varsity cheerleaders did their routine, look at the 2 girls in the air. I can only imagine if Hallie does any of that in the future since her Dad almost has a heart attack over a back bend :-)

Stay tuned for Homecoming parade 2010 small town style.

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