Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkins, Pictures & Petting

One more photo before we move on to fun.
Look at my country girl on these tractors. Her Paw Paw would have been so proud :-)
Believe it or not, picking a pumpkin wasn't Hallie's favorite part of the day. Hallie LOVES animals and the patch has a small petting farm consisting of horses, rabbits and a goat who we didn't pet but did feed.
We started with the horses
Next was the rabbits which were precious!
As a toddler we tried to have a "pro" picture with a rabbit but it scared Hallie to death she has obviously gotten over that fear!
I believe she would have stayed here the rest of the day!
The camera isn't playing tricks with their eyes, they were actually that color
In case you're wondering-yes-she does want one now!
Next was time for a little manual labor-shelling corn
This was an activity the kids loved but I'm sure if they had to do it all the time it would get old quickly!

As we headed out I saw a shaded area for pics and Hallie was such a good sport she posed for a few more. I think these are my faves, maybe just because it was in the shade!
If you have some free time before Halloween head down to Jack o Lantern Lane it was lots of fun and don't forget your camera!

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