Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say Cheese on 1, 2, 3

Hallie's cheer squad and football team had picture day last week. This was the first year that the cheerleaders have taken a group picture with the team. Someone remarked that we were looking at the future varsity football team and cheerleaders because with just a few exceptions the team and cheerleaders are around the same age. It will be fun to compare this pic with the one 9 years from now!
A funny little side note, the sun was directly in their eyes and it was brutal so the photographer suggested to close their eyes and open them when he said 1,2,3 so they wouldn't be squinting. Well as you can see a few were slower to open their eyes than others ;-)
After the group shot the football players took their individual pictures. Bad news...we waited a long time, good news... I got to take lots of pics!
Hallie & Kaylee
Hallie & Claire were in kindergarten together and have been buds ever since
Such a sweet group of girls!
Tori, Taylor, Kaylee, Gracie & Hallie
They wanted to make sure I got one of their socks too ;-)
I (heart) this picture it's one of my favorites of the day
There was so much extra time the girls started doing a few stunts. Of course all us Mommas were yelling no, no you're going to mess up your hair!
Finally, it was our turn and one of the Moms suggested this layout and we all loved it.
Here is a few group shots of the entire squad-it was a great year with a great group of girls!

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